Sunday, December 28, 2014

Upcoming Week: School's Still Out Edition

The upcoming week is free of appointments until Wednesday, when I have a professional organizer coming for a consultation.  I'm still hoping she won't find a goat or other barnyard animal behind my office desk. I will make sure to clear the dog bed and flip flops from underneath before she arrives.

I have found some pretty funny things during office clean outs. The weirdest item was a jigsaw. I got this crazy notion that I could cut a hole out of the back of my desk to access an electrical outlet. Um, no.  That didn't happen until a neighbor armed with a Dremel and circular saw came to my rescue. Now I can add even more shit to my desk, like extension cords and laptops. 

                                                     Fancy schmancy desk hole.

The jigsaw? It was thrown on a shelf in the garage.  If the organizer doesn't run from the office screaming, I may let her go nuts in there. More about the organizer after her visit. 

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